The Women’s Microenterprise Institute Services

There are many organizations that specialize in business assistance, but few are totally focus on the development and education of low-income and disadvantaged women entrepreneurs to ensure their growth and success. People of color, especially those not born in the United States, particularly Latinos, and others limited by the language barrier or lack of education continue to face difficulties in finding employment due to the economic downturn. These individuals turn to microenterprises as a way to become economically self-sufficient, generate a livable income and build a future for their family.

Services provided through the Microenterprise Institute

    Educational Programs for Microenterprises:

    Long-term trainings

  • The Successful Entrepreneur/Exito Empresarial
  • A twelve week comprehensive training for microenterprises on how to properly start and manage a microenterprise venture in NYC.

  • Computer Training
  • A program designed to teach entrepreneurs how to utilize technology, the internet and social media to manage and grow their business. Classes include Microsoft word, Publisher, Excel, QuickBooks, Photoshop, Facebook, linkedIn, Internet navigation, blogging and others.

    Short-term trainings (Workshops and Seminars)

  • 10 Steps for Starting a Microenterprise Venture American Style
  • Legal Structures For Microenterprise/Small Business
  • Protecting your business and yourself: Insurance Requirements
  • Tax & Accounting For Small Business
  • Creating The Right Image For Your Business
  • What You Should Know About Buying Or Selling Your Business
  • Financing For Small Business
  • Home Based Business Series
  • Starting A Beauty Salon
  • Selling Your Products To The Major Retail Stores
  • Starting A Catering Business
  • Family Daycare Business Basics
  • Marketing And Selling Your Products & Services
  • Growing Your Business Through International Trade
  • Starting A Restaurant
  • How To Utilize The Internet For Your Business
  • Financing For Your Business
  • Money & Credit Management
  • Starting And Operating A Janitorial Services Business
  • The Internet Business, E-Commerce
  • How To Participate In Street and Vendor?s Fair
  • One-on-one business assistance for Microenterprises
  • One-on-one assistance is the backbone of Microenterprise Institute and relates to the formation, management, financing and/or operation of microenterprises. Business Specialists conduct in depth entrepreneurial needs assessments with each client, followed by needs-based business counseling and assistance on business start up, licenses and permits, regulations and compliance, legal, financing, planning and management , hiring and training and more.

    Financial Education and Assistance

    The Microenterprise Institute provides in collaboration with lending partners, financial literacy, counseling and loan packaging which includes:

  • Financial tutorials that cover the basics of credit, finance and accounting concepts as well as methods of calculation
  • Analyzing the personal and business credit history, credit capacity and financing needs of the individual and the business;
  • Assisting in developing a comprehensive business plan;
  • Identifying sources of financing microenterprises
  • Assisting with loan applications and procedures as required.
  • Marketing Assistance

    The Microenterprise Development Institute provides marketing assistance as part of individual workshops, business training and through one-on-one counseling. Assistance is focus on: business image and branding; allocating marketing expenses to create return on investment; developing marketing plans that will project customer growth targets; and understanding the life-time value of a customer to create targeted marketing campaigns, including social media marketing.

    Industry Programs:

  • Cosmetology Readiness Program
  • There are many immigrant women, specially Latino Women residing in New York City, that have completed their cosmetology training in their country of origin but do not have the required license to work in New York State, through this program, the New York Women?s Chamber provides training and assistance to eligible women on obtaining the cosmetology licenses required to work in the State of New York. In addition, the Women?s Chamber of Commerce partners with city and state agencies to provide training on health, safety and sanitation requirements and guidelines as well as on other requirements and regulations mandated by those city and state agencies that regulate the beauty industry. Furthermore, the organization provides training on beauty enhancement to clients in order to bring them up to date on new techniques and build their professional capacity as well as training on technology and customer service for the beauty industry. The Cosmetology Readiness Program has as a major objective: to assist immigrant women throughout the city in obtaining and retaining employment with the beauty salons, spas and barbershops.

  • Retail Services Program
  • A unique program geared towards owners of retail businesses looking to increase sales and develop better relationships with customer. Emphasis is placed on customer services and assisting microenterprises with creating policies and procedures that maintain consistent, high-quality customer service. Counseling and training are focus on public relations and advertising, pricing, packaging and distribution strategies; expanding the customer base and contract negotiations. A strong emphasis is placed on networking techniques with the inclusion of business- to-customer, business-to-business networking.

  • Smart Street Vendor Program
  • The program is set up to teach and assist individuals become street vendors in a proper and legal way in NYC while adding value to the neighborhoods where they sale their products. Participants learn and receive assistance with city and state regulations, taxes, accounting and financing, marketing and selling, products and merchandising, obtaining the necessary licenses and permits, renting and buying equipment and tents. They also learn how to participate in street fairs, flea markets and holiday fairs.

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