The President of NY Women’s Chamber of Commerce speaks about Minority and Women Owned Businesses at Represent NYC

New York State Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) legislation lays the foundation for establishing procurement goals for MWBE’s in New York City. However, NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer recently gave NYC a grade of “D” on MWBE procurement; out of the $17 billion that NYC spends on goods and services each year, less than four percent goes towards Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises
On the Sunday, April 26 Episode of “Represent NYC,” NYC District 9 Councilwoman Inez E. Dickens discusses how NYC can better support the growth of MWBE’s with Michael Garner, Chief Diversity Officer of the MTA; Quenia Abreu, Founder, President and CEO of New York Women’s Chamber of Commerce; and Bertha Lewis, Founder and President of The Black Institute. Recently, the Black Institute released “Not Good Enough,” a report chronicling New York’s insufficient progress toward developing MWBE’s. 

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