Two items of interest to Small Businesses.? First, national reports are showing small business lending is really at a great level right now.? Capital has loosened up throughout the financial industry.? Micro loans, start up loans and loans to businesses showing a profit are available at decent rates and with minimal collateral.?? So, consult us at the NY Women’s Chamber of Commerce and we will work to find the fit that works for your small business.? Second,? in mid 2013 the extensions on our websites and email will expand from .com and .org to a variety of terms such as .home, .design. , .music and a variety of other extensions, which to the non nerds out there, are called? gTLDs.????? This is another marketing tool for small business as it gives you a distinctive tag that can be helpful in targeting your consumer audience.?? More to come in the coming weeks on this issue.

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