Minority and Women Business Enterprise Center Services

NYWCC works with the MWBE community, with public and private entities as
well as with the elected officials, business advocates and community organizations to
ensure the participation of M/WBE contractors and workforce in city, state and
local projects.

Services provided through the MWBE Center:

  • Recruitment of Women, Minority Owned and Local Firms
  • Conduct outreach and marketing activities to promote the project among desired
    firms. Identify and meet with interested firms to assess their qualifications
    and readiness to participate in available projects.

  • M/WBE Certification
  • Offer a step-by-step review of the full M/WBE Certification process and application
    and assist M/WBE eligible firms, in need of certification, submit complete
    applications (?M/WBE, DBE, EBE and LBE Certification?) to the City, State and other

  • Selling To Government
  • Offer an overview of the procurement processes and requirements for participation
    in available Projects.

  • Marketing
  • Focus on how to present and market a firm?s services to and the types of
    marketing materials that should be provided to buyers. Attendees will learn
    how to create a capability statement and present their in-person pitch to buyers.

  • Bonding Assistance
  • Instruct firms on the basics of bonding, the documentation required to secure
    a bond and instruct and assist them on completing the bond application.

  • Financing Assistance
  • Instruct firms on the basics of securing financing, including documentation
    required to secure financing and instructions and assistance on completing a
    financing application. Connect M/WBE firms with financing opportunities, if
    they need funds to perform on the contract effectively and in a timely manner.
    We will also assist them in completing, packaging, and submitting loan applications.

  • Bidding and Cost Estimating
  • Instruct firms on bidding strategies which can be used when responding to
    solicitations for the project, including pricing work, labor, taxes, insurance
    and other cost elements that make up the total price submitted.

  • Proposal Writing
  • Instruct firms on how to respond to the requests for proposals, including key items
    in a proposal such as approach/methodology, timeline, budget, and qualifications
    of both the firm and individual team members or consultants.

  • Formation of Joint Ventures
  • Assist firms in forming joint ventures or partnerships with other firms to their
    build capacity and maximize resources.

  • Safety and Compliance Training
  • Provide OSHA Training as well as other safety and compliance training to both MWBE
    firms and employees.

  • Hiring and Training
  • Assist firms in identifying and recruiting local residents to fill available job openings.

  • Contract Compliance
  • Assist with affirmative action, equal employment opportunity (AA/EEO) compliance
    management and consulting for companies in the construction industry. The
    center is comprised of knowledgeable professionals with significant experience
    in managing and administrating affirmative action, equal employment opportunity,
    and diversity programs.

  • M/WBE Outreach/Bid Promotion
  • Reach out to M/WBE certified companies as well as to other women and minority
    owned firms with the potential to become M/WBE certified who are willing and able
    to provide the necessary products and services. The MWBE Center can advertise
    available bid opportunities through the organization?s M/WBE Report E-blast and
    other forms of communications such as fax, phone, and direct mail.

  • Pre Qualification Services
  • Prequalify all firms interested in participating in public/private projects. We
    will ensure that all firms have the financial and operational capacity to perform
    on the contracts they wish to bid. Those who do not pass the prequalification
    process will be provided with capacity building services by the center.

  • Vendor Registration
  • Assist firms with Vendor Registration with both government and private entities.

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  1. I was refer by the New American Chamber of Commerce for help in obtaining the MWBE certification for two entities, The Peli Firm LLc and 3P Contracting and Design LLc.Thanks

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