Maria Solis Belizaire

Hi, My name is Maria Solis Belizaire, and I’m a Social Influencer…….This is my story.    

Growing up, my life was met with many hardships.  Like many other children, I was raised by my divorced parents.  I was very outgoing, very athletic, and I kept many secrets.  After many years, I finally decided to tell my story and I need your help to do that.  

It all started in 2nd grade, when my mother, a local police officer, was caught committing fraud. After that, life went from bad to worse.  It never got any better.  She would spend the rest of her life in and out of incarceration.  Many times we didn’t know where she was, what we were going to eat, or when we were going to see her.  I grew up one of 4 kids, so everyone in school knew us well. They would often ask where she was but, as kids, we just invented stories.  Through time, we lived in a foster home, shelters, our house caught on fire twice, we lived off government aid and yet we still survived and found a way to smile through all of the pain.  Eventually, in 1999, she came down with Leukemia.  A month later she received a contaminated blood transfusion from the hospital.  Two days later she passed.  

Facing the pain of her death, my life flung into depression. I got involved in one abusive relationship after another.  With drug users and woman beaters, I suffered many blows.  I was constantly bullied until I was 32 for my big nose, black skin, and nappy hair.  I loved me, but I hated my life. 

A couple years ago I met someone who encouraged me to love myself more and it changed my life forever. That’s where this new journey began.  I decided to overcome many of these challenges by using my Face, Voice, and Laughter to speak up and show how all of us who have been through hard times can overcome any adversity.  To let everyone know that just because you are having a bad day, doesn’t mean you have a bad life.  At the end of the day, only we can control our happiness.  Heck, look what I’ve been through.

Through my constant videos I started to encourage others to change their lives too.  I became a runner; having run my 2nd marathon in 2015.  This year I ran for the Covenant House.  A shelter for young adults.  I learned how to Snowboard in Japan,  I post workout videos for my followers and blogs on diet and nutrition.  I share my adventures around the world.  I invite everyone into my life with all my joys and sorrows. 

Currently, I have been working with a few charities and I am on a mission to help raise money for schools across the globe to acquire uniforms so that other children can attend school.  I know it may sound silly, but I know this is what I was born to do.

I want my message to reach Millions of people. I am currently working to create media geared towards, Beauty, Fashion, Fitness, Travel, Relationships, Education and Philanthropy.

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This is My Life……These are my stories……Help me Share them

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