Leta Ahmed

Leta Ahmed

Personal Bio: 

Leta Ahmed is a Guyanese-American entrepreneur who has founded and operated two ready-to-wear clothing manufacturing companies in New York City over the last two decades. The company she currently runs, Rafty by Sahara, Ltd., services major retailers and importers globally. Her expertise lies in creating international networks from the bottom up: acquirement of fabric and other raw materials in China and several South Asian countries, which are then used to produce clothing in Bangladesh and Pakistan that is sold the United States and Canada. She has frequently traveled to conferences on global sourcing and overseas production in Hong Kong and China, as well as trade shows in Las Vegas. Her success as a female business owner from a developing country has made her a champion of establishing work opportunities for women in the developing countries where her company oversees manufacturing.

Business Bio:

Rafty by Sahara, Ltd., founded by Leta Ahmed in 2001, is located in Midtown Manhattan at the center of the garment industry.The company services clothing retailers and importers, including Foot Locker and VF, among others. Rafty by Sahara, Ltd. has a strong track record of coordinating the transformation of art and design concepts into ready-to-wear items creating a complete clothing lines. Another of the company’s specialties is high-quality, competitively priced mass-merchandising . Rafty by Sahara,Ltd. only operates in overseas factories that satisfy the C-TPAT requirements.

Rafty By Sahara, Ltd. has partnered with Optimum Fashions Wear, Ltd since 2007 and have molded and supported  them in all areas of growth; efficiency; services and compliance matters. Today, Rafty By Sahara, Ltd is proud to announce that Optimum Fashions Wear, Ltd is now one of the six garment factories in Bangladesh that was awarded & recognize as an Alliance approved factory.

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